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The Reality Star Opens Up about Love, Life in Public Eye, and her 2017 Plans

NEW YORK – Reality personality and entrepreneur Courtney Stodden is striking out on her own and
looking for 2017 to be a year of ‘big things’ in her life. In early February, Stodden announced her split from husband and actor Doug Hutchison after six years of marriage. The relationship sent shockwaves through Hollywood because of the age gap between the couple. The Green Mile actor, who is now 56, married the blonde bombshell when she was 16.

When asked how she is coping with the split, Stodden told 106.1 WBLI radio host Chanel Omari, “I’m still
trying to figure that out, it’s really difficult and I am trying to remain as positive as possible…keep good people around me, good friends and I get so much healing energy from my puppy.”

She added that looking back at the relationship, the relity shows and being thrust into the public eye, she felt overwhelmed and “shut down” at times as well as being in “zombie mode” for a long period of time.
Now, six years later, Stodden feels she is just waking up to realize her life has been a bit crazy.
On the HorizonInstead of focusing on her relationship, Stodden is focused on her brand and fulfilling some life goals. She told Chanel exclusively that she will be launching a lingerie line, new reality shows are in the works, she’s signed a book deal and is recording music.
Stodden said, “I am working with amazing producers and I’m really excited…” about the material.

But, no matter how many projects she has in the works, Stodden’s love life make news. Stodden recently
revealed that she is bisexual and in an interview with revealed her celebrity crush is
Ellen DeGeneres.

Follow Her and Don’t be Creepy Stodden has a very loyal and large social media following. She currently has over 180K followers on Instagram and is a must follow on Snapchat @courtneyalexisstodden including by some of the men on the team.

We expect a great a deal of success for Ms. Stodden and wish her the best over the next years. Can’t
wait to see her again when she is back in New York City. To hear the full interview, click on the link. It includes Stodden’s feelings on the new President and a call for women to unite to combat hate

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