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How To Do Thanksgiving Single Status Style

We all tend to put this negative “Stigma” on being single during the holidays when in fact, we should embrace being single in a positive way.
We have to remember there is nothing wrong with being single, but it can be lonely at times, especially during the holiday season because it can remind you of your single status when your at the dinner table looking at your siblings or family members making out with their partner or being affectionate with one another, reminding you what a pathetic loser you are for being alone. But it doesn’t have to be like that.
I got over it and realized that being single during the holidays is actually AMAZING. I had spent so much money on boyfriends in the past, family members and instead its best to just invest in ourselves during the holiday as a self love practice.
Here are 7 tips to get through the holidays in a healthy way if you are still single like me: Trust me if it works for me, it will work for ALL of you!
1. Do a gift exchange with your friends. It gives you a chance to look forward to buying something for someone and doing something good for someone, which always feeds the soul.
2. Do all those fun, cool holiday things you wanted to do with your boyfriend with a friend who is down to embrace those same activities like go to a Broadway show, take that spinning class, go to the movies, host a party together for all of your single friends, go to the bar to get a drink, do an activity that makes you have fun and be happy.
3. Go to holiday parties or cool restaurants like MEGU that have a great ambiance and other single people who will be out too that you can bond with and not focus on your single status with. Enjoy the free food and drinks and think of it as spoiling yourself once a year. Get dressed up in your sexy dress and take yourself out, meet new people and embrace the moment, which is the power of NOW. 
4. Don’t focus on your relationship or the lack of one. Remember, you don’t have to deal with relationship headaches adn even though your family members are portraying they love their partner, doesn’t mean its always so peachy clean. At least you don’t have to worry about fighting with them at the end of the night, or fighting over which holiday party you are both going to go to. Think of being single as a good way to treat yourself to a good time! 
5. You can save money, now that you are single! If you don’t feel like going out, watch a good show on Netflix with some wine and order good Chinese food with a friend. 

6. Spoil yourself with that extra money you would spend on a partner and buy yourself some products or cool apparel that make you happy or make you feel good. Shopping therapy during your single days is the only time you can actually splurge with out anyone being on top of you or criticizing you for it. For example, I just went on my favorite shopping/celebrity content mobile app, Star Shop and got some of my favorite beauty products, hair products and accessories. And now I have something to look forward to, taking my mind off that I don’t  have a boyfriend, I am still receiving my own gifts that I worked so hard to achieve.
7. Cook something for yourself that is simple, whether you are alone for the holidays or you have a few friends over, its a great excuse to keep your mind focused on hosting guests than focusing on being alone. Cooking is very therapeutic and helps with a lot of negative distractions in your life. Try to cook a simple recipe for a Thanksgiving Meal, like sliced or grilled chicken with some stir fry vegetables. Make sure to bake something sweet too and have a glass of wine while you prepare. You can already feel the positive energy flowing through the room. You will already feel less lonely. 

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