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Paris Hilton talks new music, true love, babies in her future & giving back!

Paris Hilton is back with new music and we’re loving every minute of it!  Paris Hilton is one of today’s most recognizable and successful entrepreneurs and business woman.

Ladies, we can all take a page from this hard working and talented figure’s book. Not only is she a talented designer, world renowned DJ, creating a billion dollar beauty empire, she is now hitting top of the charts as a singer with her new single going viral, my favorite out now, the perfect Valentines Day and love song in general , ” I Need You,” available on ITUNES and SPOTIFY now.

The love song reflects a unique departure from Paris’ distinctive EDM Pop roots, as she pushes into a totally different musical genre. “I Need You” celebrates love, companionship and specifically the new milestone in Paris’ life. It has that 60s vibe/ Marilyn Monroe influence mixed in with top 40 that is super catchy and everyone can relate to.

When talking to the billion dollar real estate mogul, Paris shared with me that she has never been so happy, and the song showcases her passion and willingness to explore a new music genre she has never done before,which is why we are all loving her more for putting so much love out in the world.

” I feel like they don’t make this kind of music anymore. I went in to the studio and just wrote a song about what love feels like, what the perfect man is and how much you need them. Just the feeling of love and really capturing it. I really wanted to make a love song that people can relate to everyone on any occasion , playing at their wedding or anniversary, every Valentines Day.” ”

The video is directed by Chris Zylka, Hilton’s fiance, who is super talented and also stars in one of our favorite0 shows, The Leftovers on HBO.

Paris also shares with us how important it is to find someone you can trust and who doesn’t have ulterior motivates, especially when it comes to Hollywood and the entertainment industry. You never know if someone likes you for you. And with her fiance she has found a man who supports her and loves her unconditionally. The singer stresses its the best kind of love and qualities we should all find in the perfect man.

“He’s my best friend, hes my other half, hes so loyal. Hes like an angel. I feel like god sent him to me to rescue me from Hollywood and all these bad guys because its really hard to find someone in this industry that you can trust, who loves you for you and doesn’t have any ulterior motives and with him I know its pure unconditional love.”

This is why we cant get enough of Paris Hilton and love her even more, because she always knows how to bring love and happiness in to this world and like she stresses, “we need to spread more love rather than hate.”

In addition to music, Paris is working on her skincare line and recently released Unicorn Mist rosewater, which is a must have for our skin, ladies! If you want that natural flawless Paris Hilton skin glow then you can buy it here:

When asked how she keeps her skin so fresh and clean, with out ever going under plastic surgery, looking so youthful, Hilton says “her mom taught me at a young age to take care of my skin, put on SPF every time I am out in the sun. And its also my unicorn mist. ” And we are loving it!

Going on her 23rd perfume, her latest fragrance is Rose Rush and is one of my favorite scents out there now. Paris gives us the best advice when it comes to our scent, “everyone remembers you by your scent.” You can purchase Rose Rush here:

Check out our full interview below at Mandolino Restaurant, as the beauty mogul dishes with me, over amazing authentic Italian food, on how it felt to be part of the Kanye West Yeezy campaign, dressing up as Kim Kardashian West’s clone, her wedding details with her fiance, Chris Zylka and who will be invited to the heiress wedding, which other celeb couple she wants to double date with and what’s in store for her future.



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