CO PRODUCTIONS is a full service production, management, booking and casting company, that books celebrity talent, cultivates unique brands and produce/pitches compelling comedy scripted and unscripted shows in the entertainment industry. We build show ideas around talent too. Most people come to us wanting to be famous or have their brand be well known and we create the formula and steps to get you there with our resources.

We produce podcasts, scripted, digital and unscripted series, films and more!

I created CO PRODUCTIONS because after I did Princesses Long Island, I realized that I was type casted, there’s no where for me to go. I kept getting the same answer as to why I couldn’t be booked on TV again. I was known as the Princess of Long Island.

I wanted to create more opportunities for people like myself who didn’t have them. I realized that lots of people wanted to have the opportunity to showcase their talents digitally and on television and were looked over or didn’t have the resources to do so.

I realized with the network I built, I can help people get their shine in the business. I am also working hard to separate myself and my brand Chanel in the City as someone who can evolve with the times and bring some compelling culture to the listeners and viewers lives.

I wanted to find a space for actors and other talent to strive and be placed in the right shows for their brand instead of being overlooked and pushed away. I believe that there’s always a place for everyone to continue their journey in this business. I don’t believe in NO. I believe in creating opportunities for yourself despite the limitations people put on you.